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Online Store

Do you have a health food store close to you?
Do you want a good source for vitamins and supplements that is easy and can ship right to you?

How can you tell if you are getting a good sourced, bio-available, quality supplement for your money?

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Supplement Store

At Rising Phoenix Natural Health, PLLC, I want to give you the tools that you need to bring about health in every way possible.  Even if you don't see me for any of my services.  Do you know what supplements you need?  Go to my Wellevate link to search for some of the best deals of high-quality supplements.  Of course, you can always book a homeopathic or electro-dermal screening appointment with me to get personalized recommendations, but if you already know what you are looking for, please feel free to browse!


Ollois Homeopathy

Ollois provides certified organic, vegan, and lactose free homeopathic remedies.  Feel free to order from the link above and if you need some help choosing, please consider making an appointment with me for a personalized recommendation. 


Enagic Kangen Water

This is not something I offer online, however, please feel free to contact me about Kangen water electrolysis machines.  Kangen means "return to origin" in Japanese.  These machines ionize your tap water to produce micro-clustered and molecular hydrogen enhanced water.  This creates alkaline water with a negative oxygen reduction potential (ORP), enhanced absorbability, and natural antioxidants to combat inflammation.

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