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About Me

Greetings to all!  I am Brian Di Diego, a father, a brother, US Army Veteran, musician, and healer.  Growing up, I had several health issues that allowed me opportunities to explore alternative therapies.  The first therapy that helped with my personal health, after going to many digestive specialists, was energy medicine.  A family friend did a session of this modality and I was hooked.  She shared some resources about the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and hands-on therapies.  I also began studying music therapy and psychology in college, where I learned about sound therapy and brainwave entrainment, which allowed an easy transition into my personal meditation practices.  Learning about digestion improvement, meditation, cranio sacral therapy, shamanic healing, and sound therapy have been my passion throughout my teen years and well into my adult years.  When circumstances in my life changed and I transitioned out of the Army, I decided to reinvent myself through a new career in Naturopathic Medicine, which really fit these passions.  Going back to college for another 4 years, as a single parent, 12 years after my undergraduate studies proved to be a challenge, but I love helping people and sharing many health truths that I learned in my journey so far.  I have three children that I try to live by example and teach them healthy choices and ways of living.

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